A New Way to Pay Jeffco Educators

What helps teachers be effective, and does additional pay make a difference for student learning? In Jeffco Public Schools—Colorado’s largest school district—we’re finding out.

Why? Teacher effectiveness matters for students. Research shows that students make three times the academic gains when their teachers are effective. That means in one school year, students could get an extra half a year’s worth of learning from effective teachers.

Our innovative pilot in 20 schools involves more than 3,650 students and 650 educators. It’s part of national research to test new teacher compensation and new supports. The goals are to:

  • Improve student learning
  • Increase teachers’ and principals’ professional skills
  • Reward educators for results

The pilot rewards what Jeffco values—exemplary performance and teamwork.

Now in the third of four years of research in schools, the pilot is funded by a $39 million federal grant—the largest the district has ever received.